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About us

It all started the autumn of 2013 in the renowned Prosymni (Mastos headquarters), which is located approximately 14 kilometres northeast of Argos.
It is there where a small family run business producing sweet preserves and homemade jams was set up, following pure traditional recipes with fresh seasonal fruits without the addition of any preservatives.
In the sweet preserves and jams produced by Mastos you will meet natural, soft and at the same time powerful tastes.
Mastos gathers select fruits of the Mycenaean land while supporting small farmers who love and respect nature leaving her free of fertilizers and chemicals, thus ensuring the guaranteed excellent quality of our products.
During processing Mastos takes care of and elevates the natural characteristics of every fruit and mixes them with gentle scents from fresh sweet-scented pelargonium, twigs of vanilla and other elements of nature.
And because nutrition and health must coexist, Mastos has managed to maintain a tasty balance of combinations that are beneficial for the human body and your palate!

About me… Georgia Ouli

I was raised in a historic village, Prosymna, listening to the stories of my grandparents while being surrounded by fragrant sweets and delicious jams. I learned that the elements which give fruit their singular value are not limited to the bright sun, the ground, the season and the time of the harvest, but also include the diligent care they require as well as our own affection.
I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. My stay there gifted me with new tastes and provided me with knowledge and ideas informed by the traditions and cultures of multinational Salonica (Thessaloniki). My travels to Macedonia, Euboea, the Peloponnese as well as around the greater part of Greece gave me important information about traditional Greek sweet preserves and jams.
Armed with this legacy and childhood memories bursting with aromas, along with my family I made the decision to create this company, Mastos.
With my mother, Kyriaki, who is the governing mind and the soul of our workshop, with great care and devotion we make all these sweet treats hidden in small jars. Jars which capture the products of the Greek land combined with love and imagination.
Today, we are proud to offer you 22 different traditional sweet preserves and 20 types of special jams, while also continuing adding new quality products and exceptional tastes of sweet temptations to our range!

A bit of history about Mastos and the region

Our company owes its name to the hill bearing the same name, Mastos.
The Mycenaean road that passes through Prosymna bears witness to the value this fertile valley had from the time of Asterion. His three daughters, Euboea, Akraia and Prosymna, were the wet-nurses of the goddess Hera who nursed her with exceptional and unique foods.
Evidence has been found indicating that the Mastos region has been inhabited since the Neolithic Period. The settlement prospered during the Late Helladic Period while it appears to have followed the decline of Mycenae after the Dorian Invasion. Archeological finds from the Mastos region are on display in the Archeological Museum of Nauplio.


Georgia Ouli
Prosymna, Argolida, Greece
tel. +30 27510 89263
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